Ferguson Bayou Nature Trail

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Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, MI
Bike routes: Ferguson Bayou Nature Trail (4.4 mi. loop) and Woodland Trail (4 mi. loop)
Trail description: The elevated, wide and flat dike-top Ferguson trail is geared to family biking. It’s mostly graveled. The narrower Woodland Trail, on the north side of the Shiawassee River, appeals more to mountain bikers, unfazed by its mud, water and blind curves. Bike trails are open year-round, except during deer or goose hunting. The Ferguson trail will link, come late spring, to a multi-use 7.5-mile auto tour route open from May to October.
Wildlife you may see:  Thousands of ducks, geese and other migratory waterfowl (especially in March and early November). Look for great blue herons, egrets and wading birds, along with woodchucks and deer, year-round along the Ferguson Trail. Expect songbirds (especially in May), deer, raccoons and raptors along the Woodland Trail.
Other highlights: The Ferguson Trail passes thru wetlands, sloughs, pools and agricultural fields. The Woodland Trail sticks to the forest. Short spurs lead off both trails.

Trail Information

  • Length: 4.93 Miles
  • Grade: Gentle
  • Cross Slope: 1.8
  • Surface: Admin Road

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  • Trail Measurement
    4.93 Miles
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