Lost Nation Trail

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  • 44.834246, -85.562805
  • 44.833134, -85.559291

Located on the 2,500-acre Lost Nation State Game Area, the Lost Nation Trail is an old county road that has been closed to vehicles. It winds through hardwood forest, brushy areas, and wetlands along the St. Joseph River bottomlands. The trail is 1.5 miles in length and is barrier free throughout. Trail may be flooded in some areas during periods of heavy rain. This site is undeveloped and has no facilities, so come prepared. Lost nations Trail is part of the North Country Trail.

Wildlife Viewing

Wild turkeys are common throughout this area. Look for them in fields along the roads. In the spring, listen for the loud, excited gobbles of male turkeys at dawn and dusk. This site is probably the only place in south-central Michigan that offers a fair chance of seeing or hearing ruffed grouse. Listen for their characteristic “drumming” sound in the spring. The males make this sound with their wings to establish a breeding territory and to attract females. The endangered Kirtland’s watersnake is also found here, although this timid reptile is rarely seen.

Portions of this area are open to public hunting. Contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for hunting seasons and regulations.


From M-34 in Pittsford, travel west for 2 miles to Tripp Road. Turn left (south) and drive 0.3 mile to the parking lot on the left (east) side of Tripp Road.

Ownership: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Size: 1.5 linear miles

Closest town: Pittsford


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